Important points to remember when planning for an Office Removal:

Lifts & Doors
Ensure that keys are obtained for locking out of lifts and or doors from either caretaker of building management

Although D.L. Thomas Removals have equipment to shift heavy objects please ensure that all cartons are not packed too heavy.

Clearly mark all items with stickers provided by us. In some cases, when a large removal is undertaken, different colours may be required for different sections or floors.

Please unplug screen and key board from main drive if applicable and leave all components on desk

Contents of all desks and returns must be cleared prior to removal

Filing Cabinets
Filing cabinets may remain full unless instructed otherwise or they are four drawer filing cabinets in which case the top drawer must be emptied before transporting is to take place. All drawers are to be locked or taped at all times.

Large Cabinets
Double door cabinets or similar size must be emptied prior to removal

Copier & Computers
Please check any lease agreement with regard to these items as some companies will declare the service or warranty void if not moved by themselves or their manufacturer.

All photocopiers with liquid toner or powder must be emptied prior to removal

Fridges must be defrosted and emptied the night before removal and water emptied

Most bookcase shelves are held by pins located on the inside underneath each shelf, these are to be removed and kept by and individual staff member.

Small Items
Do not leave any small items, loose pack all that is possible into cartons supplied

On completion of the removal, please flatten all cartons and call our office, they will be collected as soon as possible.

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